Commercial Carpet Inspectors

Commercial carpet inspectors must be experienced as well as Certified Carpet Inspectors to be listed as an expert. Commercial carpet experts have 20, or more, years of installation, inspection, manufacturing and expert witness experience with most having more than 30 years experience in the carpet industry.

Carpet is, by square footage, the most specified and installed commercial floor covering. Health care facilities, Law Offices, Retail Outlets, Hotels, Motels, Casino’s, Universities, Private Schools and General office facilities are a few examples of business ‘s preferring carpet over other flooring choices. Carpet is the most slip-resistant of all flooring choices as well as quieter and maintenance cost effective.

Carpet failures understood as installation defects are often found to be manufacturing defects when put under close scrutiny by experts inspecting commercial flooring failures. Raveling, pulls, snags, carpet tiles cupping are not only indications of installation or sub-floor defects, but also manufacturing defects.

Conversely, there are situations considered to be material defects from the perspective of the end user or installer. It is the experienced and knowledgeable inspector who is able to determine the correct source of the conditions at hand. In many cases a viable recommendation can be made to correct the issues, in others an educated explanation of cause and effect can resolve the concerns.

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