Commercial Hardwood Flooring Inspectors

The call for “Green flooring materials” and the aesthetically pleasing aurora offered with Mother Nature’s Blessings of hardwood, bamboo and cork bring new problems when installed in commercial applications.

Questions that must be answered by the experts you may commission to inspect a failure are:

Was the natural flooring product specified correctly?
Was this building, or installation site, suitable for a natural product?
Is the product defective?
Was the material, or materials, installed to manufacturer specifications?
Did the builder provide suitable conditions for the installation?
Are there problems with the sub-floor?
Are proper maintenance procedures and schedules observed?

Failures involving hardwood, cork and bamboo require specific knowledge of wood science, lamination structural balance as well as unique inspection techniques to determine if the manufacturer is at fault.
All listed inspectors have verified Hardwood Flooring Inspection Certifications with either the National Wood Flooring Association Certified Professionals (NWFAcp), National Oak Flooring Manufacturers Association (now part of the NWFA) and/or The International Association of Wood Flooring Professionals (IAWFP).

Excessive gapping due to milling the wood at too high a wood moisture content results in permanent shrinkage leaving permanent gaps. With the increase in exotic woods imported into the United States, justified gaping complaints due to excessive wood moisture content up on milling to be all too common, yet blamed on the installation contractor.

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