Commercial Sheeting, Linoleum and Resilient Tile

Due to its durability, Resilient and Linoleum Sheeting will last for years, even in commercial environments. Another plus is its ease of maintenance as wet mopping with most cleaning chemicals will not damage these floors. This makes it an excellent Floor-covering material in surgical suites and other locations where sanitation is paramount.

The term “resilient” refers to the ability of the vinyl surface to restore after compressive denting, Linoleum does not have this property. An example of compressive denting would be the small dents seen around kitchen tables from unprotected chair legs and in traffic lanes from small heel shoes.

These types of products are sometimes included in the category of “Hard Surface” flooring, although in many parts of the country this term refers only to Stone and Ceramic Tile. In general Hard Surface usually refers to all products used in flooring other than carpet. This designation would include Homogeneous Rubber Tile and Sheeting, Solid Vinyl Tile and Sheeting, Composite backings with vinyl or urethane wear layers, Linoleum sheeting and tile, Laminated vinyl sheeting and specialty flooring products such as cork tile.

Hard surface flooring has the Flooring Industries reputation as being the most difficult to install simply because the materials conform to the topography of the sub-floor/substrate. The glossy layer on the surface of many varieties of these types of products is unforgiving and will enhance any variation underneath. A grain of sand or drop of adhesive will be seen as the adhesive grabs the material backing leaving that grain of sand standing proudly through the flat and glossy surface. Concrete movement joints commonly telegraph as do the slight undulations in concrete surfaces we see viewing down long hallways or large rooms with reflective lighting.

Hard surface flooring failures can result from any single or combination of the following:

  • improper sub-floor preparation excessive concrete or sub-floor moisture
  • substandard installation and maintenance practices
  • seam failures
  • specification of material not suited for the intended use

Some of the issues commonly inspected and addressed by our Commercial Flooring Inspectors as product defects are:

  • out of square tile
  • extended tile edges
  • pattern run off in sheeting
  • gloss level differences to name a few.

The flooring experts listed are able to define the problems then inspect to determine the failure mechanism which, in turn, enables a permanent resolution to avoid further losses of both time and money.

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