Commercial Stone and Ceramic Tile Inspections

Commercial installations of stone and ceramic tile in shopping malls, elevators, hotel lobbies, casinos, common areas of condominiums, health care facilities and other high use areas are on the rise due to durability and resistance to moisture. Along with this increase we’re finding more failures with the installation of large format tiles and unskilled installation contractors. Imported ceramic tile with iron and other mineralization within the clay bodies have also become a problem with change of color and brittleness.

The Inspection professionals listed are experienced and trained to observe, test and measure sub-floor and installation requirements as well as understand the need to perform independent laboratory testing when the specific need arises should the tile itself be suspect.

Cracking tile, discolorations, tenting, buckling, lippage, chipping, glaze bubbles, mortar failures and grout failures are common problems addressed by these experts.

These inspectors are trained in the use and application of the industry standards pertaining to the methods and materials for a successful installation of ceramic and natural stone products. This knowledge enables these inspectors to perform a thorough evaluation and offer an objective analysis of their findings.

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